Is Hell Real Does Death Sting: What Does The Bible Really Say About These Things!

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These and other questions are weighed in this tome. The notion that passing away is final has altered the dreaded thought of death. Tired and weary people sometimes contemplate suicide because they consider dying to be a permanent solution to problems such as:
1. You made me mad
2. You broke my heart
3. No one loves me
4. I hate everyone
5. You’ll be sorry
6. I can’t stand the pain (physical/emotional/mental)
7. I have nothing to live for
And then there’re others who believe that if they die while taking the lives of those that they deem to be undesirable (of another faith, group or mindset), is somehow pleasing God. Death is nothing to speculate about because there are no take backs; you can’t change your mind after the fact. So then, the real question is: The Afterlife.
Is GOD real? And if so: does HE have the power to raise us from the dead to reward or punish us for my actions? No one has an ample understanding of GOD’S Ways because HIS Ways are not like ours. If we were merely body and soul, then physical death would indeed be the end of our existence; but! We’re more than just a coat that wears out over time. People who ignore Hell are quick to say things like: ‘it’s not a place so there’s nothing to worry about.’ Hell rejecters believe that death is the end of a person’s existence. Well, they have a right to believe whatever they choose; but! What society thinks has no bearing on the Truth. A person’s body will never end up in a place of eternal torment, because bodies are not perpetual. We are a spirit, we live in a body and we have a soul
Our body (earthly clothing) is flesh—
Our soul is our personality, feeling, ambiance and humanity—
Our spirit gives our body life, energy and power—
Our spirit comes from GOD; not from our DNA. Sometimes the Bible uses the words: soul and spirit interchangeably, but they are not the same; just as: Hell and the lake of fire are not the same. My heart laments (especially) for our youth because: suicide, murder, neglect and just plain malevolence is running amok in America and throughout the world. Our young people are planning their own memorial services and they’re requesting to be cremated. Perhaps they think that the incinerator will exclude them from GOD’s judgment; or maybe they don’t know that the Day of Judgment is coming?
Being reduced to ashes in a crematory will not exempt anyone from GOD’s decree; so then! How can it be that some people believe that heaven is a reward for the saved; and yet those same people refuse to believe that eternal damnation is punishment for the unsaved?
This topic is very often ignored because: death, hell and eternal damnation is like old age, you don't want to think about it until you have to!

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Is Hell Real Does Death Sting: What Does The Bible Really Say About These Things!