Gamma Pi 9: Glass Planet 9 The Abduction (The Glass Planet)

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Gamma Pi 9, the 9th in the Series, the Glass Planet, the Abduction. Gwydion finds himself in the desert of Nevada, with a new friend, Sheridan, on a horse ranch. He is asked by his mother, still living in the old now - defunct institute house in San Francisco to come with she and grandma Bethany to New Mexico to give a lecture in remembrance of his grandfather, Professor Antony Jacobs at the Meeting of the Minds, the Archaeological Society his grandfather was heavily involved with. For old Antony Jacobs has gone the way of Professor Happenstance, and joined the skies in spirit. And Gwydion is to give a eulogy of some sort. His new translations , and some secret papers that his grandfather had left him, sealed in a old envelope and packed away in a box, change his mind completely. And many things, his tormentor, the Palanque violence, and more, now become clear.
Using fictional characters, the author takes the reader through a journey of discovery, uncovering the secret Extra-terrestrial origins of the bible and other god centered religions around the world. By combing through the new translations of the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Se Scrolls, N. M. Reed through her characters, an autistic boy of dubious breeding, his strange angelic sister, and his grounded rancher wife, and a host of others, find passages and old stories that seem to be the log of experiences of encounters of a third kind: actual contact and instruction from alien visitors. Stories that were the inspiration for the final draft of the bible, but were taken out and literally buried in the sands of time, only to be discovered haplessly by travelers thousands of years later. The progenitors of our civilization were describing aliens encounters, but didn't know how to say that. They just viewed these powerful “star-people” as gods. All of the great religions seemed to have been formed this way. Why else would humanity be so enthralled and have such a devotion and reverence to anything, if it weren't something absolutely amazing and out of this world. So instead of god being an unknowable, unfathomable force to human kind, lurking in the unknown void of heaven or hell, our gods are the blood spirit and intellectual ancestors and genetic makeup of our own selves. And interestingly, this brings us full circle back to the true-believers who are sure that the bible is a literal translation of the word of god. And looking at it as the experiences with the alien progenitors of our modern human race, providing the missing link in our evolution, it just might be so.

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N. M. Reed
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Morgans Mane
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Morgans Mane
Morgans Mane
Morgans Mane
Gamma Pi 9: Glass Planet 9 The Abduction (The Glass Planet)