7 Prayers and Biblical Reasons to Consider About Recreational Marijuana Use

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I came across a long standing rationale from many pro-marijuana users saying how ‘God gave us every seed bearing plant and he said it was good.’ Which also contested that if high-fructose corn syrup, caffeine, alcohol and other addictive foods are legal, then why shouldn’t we be able to have the freedom to choose if we use marijuana.

In an attempt to try to build a case for God’s freedom to allow us to do whatever we want, I’m taking on a potentially contentious issue in the arena of Christianity and living today. Writing this in a reflection, prayer focus with room for your interpretation and application is difficult without providing some God centered application questions. I personally tried marijuana at parties in high school over a period of about 1 year. After that I quit and it has been over 25 years without smoking it again. As a testimony, while using it I did some stupid immoral things ranging from other drug use, promiscuous sex, theft, lying, disobedience, as well as numerous other foolish things. Did the use of marijuana help me to cross the line and sin, or would I have done it anyway? It’s hard to tell, as you read on you might be able to tell.

Come along with me on this journey as I tried to find the Biblical reasons in a rapid to read format for or against the use of recreational marijuana and what thoughts and prayers I considered along these lines. This is not an exhaustive list. If I get a lot of comments and ideas, I may consider writing Edition II regarding some of the thought provoking ideas and verses any of you add in the comments section.

In everything we do, if we hold it up to God’s light, we see clarity and purpose with solid footing for righteous decision making, let’s lift this topic up to prayer as well. If it be for you personally or for a loved one.

According to the scriptures, Christ was crucified, died, and on the third day rose for my sins. For your sins and my sins. We are all sinners, and even if we fall on sins, there is redemption and the ability to stand up under temptations, let’s consider that as we reflect and pray on God’s holy word.

To God be the glory,

B.D. Keinbaum



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7 Prayers and Biblical Reasons to Consider About Recreational Marijuana Use