A Question of Destiny (The Hidden Revelation Book 1)

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This is the first edition in a series titled The Hidden Revelation where the stage is set for three main characters. At center stage is Raven Blackwood, a flourishing production designer from Los Angeles, whose destiny is forever linked to the origins of two brothers whose secret immortality dates back to the time of Egyptian paganism. As the story begins, she is is traveling to New Orleans to do research for her latest high profile project, when she is suddenly struck down by an unknown assailant. While still recovering in the hospital, the mystery surrounding her true identity begins to unravel in the form of an ancient prophecy.
As a result, two supernatural forces emerge, the first in the form of her guardian and protector, Brooks Ebersol. He is the eldest of two brothers and the one who chose the path of love and compassion his mother laid out for him prior to her untimely death. The other one is an intoxicating new client named George Simon, the younger half-brother who chose instead to be influenced by the evil designs of his father. While Raven unquestionably loves one of them, she cannot deny her animalistic attraction for the other whose embrace of the dark side both confounds and intrigues her.
As the story plays out, nothing is simple as her overwhelming desire to find everlasting love and eventually mother a child sends her running from the arms of a man whose calling to a higher purpose leaves her unfulfilled, into the arms of the other whose Machiavellian art of manipulation ignites within Raven an insatiable desire bordering on obsession. They individually seek to win the heart of this woman at the center of the controversy, therefore recognizing her as the fundamental component needed to fulfill the obscure prophecy whose conclusion is yet to be determined. The ensuing battle plays out on three continents as both men draw strength from the forces of light and darkness that reside within her, knowing the choice she makes will ultimately determine the nature of humanity in the world to come.

As the ambiguity surrounding Raven’s identity is revealed, the reader is taken on an archeological expedition of sorts as previously uncovered Apocryphal texts from Qumran are linked to historical evidence of Egyptian paganism displayed at Abydos in the Nile Valley, thus exposing a rivalry between brothers of biblical proportions. However, the most valuable discovery is exposed in the nature of the choice Raven is called upon to make as well as the reasons behind why she in particular has been given such a monumental task.
Although Brooks and Simon respectively endeavor to influence her thinking, the decision is hers to make alone. Leading one to the conclusion the choices each of us are called upon to make on a daily basis can have far reaching consequences that affect more than just ourselves and the people around us, because there is a collective consciousness that determines the character of the world we live in and the future of civilization as a whole.

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Joyce M Stacks
Kindle Edition
  • Charles Baker
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Joyce M Stacks
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Joyce M Stacks
Joyce M Stacks
Joyce M Stacks
A Question of Destiny (The Hidden Revelation Book 1)