Possessing Your Promised Land: Biblical Principles for Real Estate Acquisition

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The premier real estate book for Christians, Possessing Your Promised Land is the believer's (and non-believer's) guide to SUPERNATURAL real property acquisition. Combining the author's own extensive knowledge as a REALTOR with his numerous miraculous testimonies, this book seeks to inform Christians and non-Christians alike in the practical considerations of buying land and homes, while intriguing the reader with his remarkable stories of supernatural property transactions. Readers will readily find their faith encouraged to acquire properties for their own home or investments, while gaining the practical wisdom necessary to see it actually happen. (More information about this title is also available at www.rodneyjohnson.com.) ENDORSEMENTS: Pat Boone: "Commit your works unto the Lord, and He will establish your thoughts." Proverbs 16:3. Another translation says-"and He will guarantee your success." I like that even better! The point is this: God created everything there is and wants man to be successful in his stewardship of creation. Rodney Johnson has tapped into that wonderful truth, and shares it with us in very practical ways, from his own experience. What could be better? Dean Jones: My longtime friend, Rodney Johnson, is not only an expert in Southern California real estate, but a man who strives to serve God's purpose in every deal he closes. Does it matter to God where you live? This book will be a vivid reminder that the God who birthed life on planet Earth is still interested in making homes for His people on it. Gavin MaCleod: Rodney Johnson's book, Possessing Your Promised Land: Biblical Principles for Real Estate Acquisition is a read that will inspire, educate, and guide you through any real estate transaction. Our Lord said, "I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly." Rodney explains God's word and how your mindset translates into acquiring real estate properties-among other things-according to God's plan. It's a MUST READ-and it's all biblical! Paul McGuire: Rodney Johnson's Possessing Your Promised Land shows the reader firsthand how to develop a mindset geared toward acquiring real estate. His exciting examples culled from almost twenty years of helping people "possess their own promised lands" make this an enjoyable read. If God has been nudging you to step out into the unknown like He called Abraham to do then, by all means, read this book. Michael Reagan: From the political to the practical, Rodney Johnson covers it in Possessing Your Promised Land. Whether it is using his garage as a polling site in national elections or taking the appropriate tax deduction, he has something to say that should be of benefit to all homeowners and those who want to be homeowners. This book is not about "mansions in the sweet by and by." Instead, Rodney uses biblical examples and characters to show us what we need to do in the "here and now." I encourage you to read Possessing Your Promised Land and then do what the title suggests. Colin Stewart: Rodney Johnson has performed a unique service for both Christians and non-Christians alike in this immensely readable and inspiring book. His fresh and insightful application of Biblical truth to the subject of real estate ownership places the concept of "possessing the land" in a context that is compelling and relevant to everyday life in the 21st century. Plus his stories are very funny and enjoyable to read! Lisa Whelchel: Possessing Your Promised Land is full of hope, faith and encouragement to believe your real estate dreams really can come true. Rodney Johnson provides all that plus the practical direction to make it happen. Above all, this unique and timely book reminds us that if we delight in God then He gives us the desires of our hearts, and it is God's heart-desire to give us a home-both earthly and heavenly!

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Possessing Your Promised Land: Biblical Principles for Real Estate Acquisition